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Shannon  Radley

Shannon Radley

Assistant to Tom Goodman

Shannon lives on Verona Island with her fiancé Frankie Johnson and her daughter Jocelyn and their son Little Frankie.

Shannon grow up in Bradenton Florida with her parents Jerry & Nellie Mullaney and three siblings. These are a part of a large close net family still living in Florida. She moved to Maine in 1996. After coming here for a summer of fun with her best friend she decided she liked it and stayed; she continues to migrate south each year. She also stays connected on Facebook to all of them and many friends.

Shannon spends considerable time helping friends, we think she missed her calling as a care giver. Much of her time is spent helping Jocelyn with her singing engagements and of course shopping is always a hit. As a family they love to go Camping especially in Old Orchard Beach. On Facebook, Shannon started the page Bucksport Rocks. Little Frankie, Jocelyn and some of their friends spend time together painting kindness rocks to hide all over the place. Have you found one yet?

Shannon came to Financial Solutions in July of 2004. She was hoping to take the summer off after the Ellsworth Samsonite store closed. She came in for an interview after her vacation to Florida and to her disbelief began working with us the next week. She started at just 20 hours a week filling. However, it didn’t take us long to find it difficult to work without her, that is when she became full time.

As Operations Director Shannon is frequently the first voice you hear when calling. She plays an instrumental role in the day to day need of our clients. New business implementations is a daily task, communicating with our back office to insure that everything is received in a timely fashion.